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We're doomed...
at 15:01 10 Feb 2021

Or are we?


Just to put all the musings on our relegation battle into context, here's very much a world view on our chances of still being an L1 club after the Friday 13th April 2029 - and beyond
R Craig
at 20:00 26 Jan 2021

Nets what's turned out to be the winning goal tonight, taking West Ham into 4th place

I'm wondering if this is the highest league position of any team he's played for?

It might even be the highest league position of any team with an ex-Daley playing?

Seems to be playing as well if not better than ever too
Snooker - Master's Final
at 20:28 17 Jan 2021

Fascinating contest, if you're into the game

Contrast of career stages, and the impetus moving in the non-blink of an inscrutable Chinese eye
T' cricket
at 07:23 11 Jan 2021

Anyone else been following the Indian tour of Australia?

Three great matches so far, the third test just ended with India 330-5 after being asked to make 407. Looked on at one point before Pant was out for 97, but just 3 wickets taken on the final day

All set now for the decider, and Rahane's captaincy has turned it around since the first test debacle under Kohli

England due to start in Sri Lanka soon, too
Football fix
at 21:55 9 Jan 2021

If anyone's looking for another live football fix this evening before MOTD & Quest, i can recommend Dundee v Bonnyrigg Rose:


Currently 1-1 with 20 mins of extra time to go, Dundee only equalised in the last minute of added time. The Bonnyrigg lads were gutted, many of them out on their feet. Proper football

Elsewhere in the Scottish Cup, Kallum Higginbottom scored a penalty in the 2-3 defeat for Kelty Hearts against Stranraer

Edit: Bonnyrigg take the lead again!

[Post edited 9 Jan 21:59]
Reason for optimism
at 12:21 3 Jan 2021


As per recent posts about the potential for economic regrowth once we're out of the Covid woods, there's nothing like a bit of optimism as evidenced here to demonstrate that there's going to be a surge of investment and start-ups just waiting for that moment

The fact that it obviously takes its inspiration from my username simply adds to the positivity
Well done Chorley
at 19:25 28 Nov 2020

2nd bottom National League North beats second top League One

That's 91 places in the football pyramid, the equivalent of Scunthorpe beating Spurs at their place

Deserved too, hit the bar twice and missed a penalty. Darren Ferguson will be apoplectic!
[Post edited 28 Nov 2020 19:26]
Has keepball had it's day?
at 20:07 21 Nov 2020

Looking at the stats for the Spurs v Man City game, the BBC had it as 66% possession for Man City

The Pep Guardiola revolution has, imo, come to an end. Any manager or coach who decided to follow that type of football will not only increasingly find themselves on the wrong side of scorelines against canny opponents but also on the wrong side of their fans

Look at Barcelona too. They've lost their way

At L1/L2 level, trying to emulate this type of football is doomed to failure. The players just haven't got the technique for it

I feel sorry for Keohane. I didn't see what happened today but it's not the first time he's been caught out trying to play the ball from positions where every sporting instinct in his body must be telling him to punt it forwards. He was one of our standout players until the start of this month. I bet his confidence must be completely shot now, and all because he wasn't allowed to follow his instincts

I admire BBM and wish him well. I can understand why he tries to put a positive spin on everything, but surely even he must be troubled by how his way of playing isn't working. Dale fans are some of the most long-suffering in the EFL and i'm fully prepared to give him more time to change tack. But change, he surely must, or be on the wrong end of not just footballing trends but also the huge pent up desire among football supporters to be entertained in this, of all years

Today's other matches
at 14:54 21 Nov 2020

Rhys Bennett opened the scoring for Carlisle, currently 0-3 up at Crawley and into the auto promotion places
Today's results
at 17:07 14 Nov 2020

A big win by Fleetwood at Bristol Rovers means we dropped just one place to 17th. In many ways it was a blessing we weren't playing (don't ask)

Before the last of two late Fleetwood goals, our record was identical with Rovers and they'd have stayed ahead in the table on alphabetical order. I believe we're probably in our rightful place on performances, just ahead of the danger zone but very much looking over our shoulders

[Post edited 14 Nov 2020 17:09]
FA chairman gone
at 17:31 10 Nov 2020

All FA Cup ties to go ahead
at 13:57 2 Nov 2020


Common sense prevails
Corbyn suspended
at 13:18 29 Oct 2020


Hate crime is never anything other than hateful
Bob Willis Trophy Final
at 11:55 27 Sep 2020

Anyone been following the final at Lord's? Being played over 5 days, and it's been a very good advert for the format - perhaps a cue for how the county championship could go in future, and possibly test cricket too

The key in this match has been having the side who scored most runs in the first innings (currently limited to 120 overs) being declared the winners if neither side can enforce an overall victory, thus eliminating the draw

Sir Alistair's 172 for Essex ensured they won that particular battle, leaving Somerset to set a target of 237 off 80 overs for them to complete or for Somerset to bowl them out. Essex currently 34/2 (Cook still in)

Given the raised interest in cricket with "results" games over the shorter formats, imo this could be the way to go in the longer format too
Teching liberties
at 08:42 11 Sep 2020


Looks like the movement of fans within stadia will be monitored very closely indeed, at least where systems are in place to do so

Raises a whole host of issues, such as the potential for only allowing fans in who've downloaded the app

It's also just as well Dale have implemented digital ticketing as an aid to fan safety, in the circumstances
Development around top end of Drake St
at 12:59 10 Sep 2020

A company (link below) have plans for the derelict retail park area adjacent to the Drake St/Maclure Rd junction. I believe this was featured in the Manctopia programme last night (didn't watch, will try to on catch-up)


Just to raise awareness, there's a Fb group (link below) which can be signed up to, dedicated to the restoration of the old canal arm which terminated at the retail park back in the day before being infilled. This type of infill can be un-infilled and restored (it's happened elsewhere) and the more people who express their support for this type of project, the more likely it'll help influence planning around this development

This whole area, including along Oldham Rd to where the canal arm branches off the main stretch of canal, has been neglected for decades. It's no use moaning about it and saying nowt can be done; people can lobby and add their support. Negativity is so, so cheap, but if you want to help make a difference, have a look at what's happening and how that whole district could become uplifted from what it is now with the right ideas

at 13:52 7 Aug 2020

Just seen Shun's post

(Apologies, AussieDale)
[Post edited 7 Aug 2020 14:17]
Interesting insights into viruses
at 14:50 5 Aug 2020

For those interested in more detailed clinical insights:


Edit: incidentally, the article is written by William Petri, an excellent example of nominative determinism

[Post edited 5 Aug 2020 14:56]
Petition to restore part of historic Rochdale
at 12:07 4 Aug 2020


I used to play around this area when i was a kid. It's long-neglected and if this project comes off, even the part of the project to restore the section next to Oldham Road to be used as a marina, it could help transform this area for the better. Not sure how viable the restoration of the entire filled-in section would be, but anything that halts the downward spiral in former industrial sections of the borough, especially now the town centre offers a multitude of decent leisure and hospitality facilities, should imo be supported to the hilt. As the article says, this could be a "once in a lifetime" opportunity

The petition (from the end of the article):


[Post edited 4 Aug 2020 12:15]
Fifth division
at 17:06 2 Aug 2020

At least half the teams playing in League Two next season will have had recent experience of playing in the National League

Relegation from the EFL is no longer the sinkhole it might once have been (probably no consolation to Chalky right now)

But... some teams have bounced back within a year or so, whilst others like Chesterfield and Stockport have floundered. I wonder if there's anything that can be discerned from their experience that teams who find themselves in that position for the first time can benefit from? Is it perhaps an initial overweaning ambition resulting in financial meltdown that can't easily be stopped following the drop?

How do we think Dale (heaven forbid) might cope?
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