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Missed opportunity?
at 19:56 2 Sep 2019

Just seen that KH has signed Daryl Murphy from Forest on a free. I saw him play for Forest last year and thought he was a good "old fashioned " type of centre forward who could have worked well with Hendo.
He is much better than Calvin or Alby and I wondered how we were not aware of his availability.
Team morale
at 15:37 25 Mar 2019

I met many of the team this morning at the Lancashire gym - they were positively buzzing and the team spirit seemed fantastic. I know that winning a game will breed a sense of togetherness but it was a far cry from the last time I met them at the gym the morning after the Wimbledon debacle.
I am beginning to think that the atmosphere at Dale towards the end of KH's time was probably pretty toxic....
Onwards and upwards.
at 14:13 13 Mar 2019

I am disappointed that so far BBM has not taken a more attacking approach.

We can only stay up by scoring goals - it's too late to survive on 0-0 draws. On saturday we won with goals from 2 defenders and last night's team and bench was devoid of goals.

How must ZC feel when an absolute clown like Wilbraham gets game time. I hoped that Tony Ellis might have some input on who we play upfront but obviously not!!
Zach Clough
at 23:00 9 Feb 2019

What is it about ZC that Hill doesn't like - he couldn't wait for half time to substitute him even though he was one of the few who did anything positive in the first half having our only decent shot on target.
Hill seems to favour mediocrity over talent , is that because he finds the former easier to boss around?
at 09:07 5 Jan 2019

I see we have extended Norman's loan till the end of the season -why? I realise we need two goalies but surely there must be better ones around than him - I hope he isn't playing today!
Central defender
at 14:16 4 Jan 2019

With HM gone who will play in central defence. My vote would go to Calvin as he is our best header to deal with set pieces into our box and could also be a threat from corners in their box
The squad
at 15:16 31 Dec 2018

We started this season with our biggest and most expensive ( eg Wilbraham on £3k per week) squad ever and I now think we have the worst squad I can remember.
At half time on Saturday I looked at our bench and wondered who we could bring on to change things and I came to the conclusion that there was nobody!!
We have no game changer ( on his way to Portsmouth) only one decent goalscorer, a porous defence and 3 calamity goalkeepers.
Where did it all go wrong .....................
Jordan Williams (11)
at 17:52 5 Nov 2018

I realise that he has an amazing amount of energy but I cannot ever see him scoring a goal in Lg1
He seems to be part of Hill's starting line up with Calvin coming on after an hour. Why Clough only comes on for a few minutes is hard to understand - he had the best 2 shots on Saturday hitting the bar with an effort that no one else would have attempted. Had he been on from the start I am convinced he would have put away at least one of our many chances in the first half.
Stephen Dooley
at 09:54 1 Oct 2018

Do we know what has happened to him - he made a cameo appearance against Middlesboro and by all accounts did well but don't think he has ever featured in a league squad. He was heralded as a major signing at the time but is he another Jordan Williams?
Jordan Williams (11)
at 23:48 6 Sep 2018

As a £100k investment I really want this guy to succeed but given his chance on Tuesday against a very poor Bury side he was not able to take his chance. He won no headers, his touch is awful, he missed a sitter by trying to be too clever and to cap it all he asked to be subbed.
All I can see is he will be shipped out again on loan and we will wave goodbye to our investment - we really have a bad record with signing non - league strikers.
Contrast this with Zac Clough's performance - he has class written all over him and the £100k we wasted on williams (11) could have been better spent on Clough with a view to keeping him in January.
That's how rumours start
at 13:17 22 May 2018

Saw Jamie Allen at gym this morning and asked him if there is any chance that he might come back He smiled and said "you never know! ! If only ...
8 points
at 11:46 8 Apr 2018

With our superior goal difference it seems that most fans think that 52 points are going to be enough. In other words we need 8 points from the remaining games.
My thoughts are;

Optimistic ; wins v Oldham, Bradford and Charlton ; draws v Wigan, Plymouth and Oxford
points = 12

Pessimistic; defeats by Wigan and Peterboro, wins v Oldham and Bradford , draws v Plymouth, Charlton and Oxford.
points = 9

Hopefully the outcome will be somewhere between the 2!!
I'm alright Jack!
at 16:44 16 Mar 2018

Strange comment from KH in this weekend's Observer,relating to tomorrow's match;

" Whatever happens I will be OK.Whether we get relegated or not I'll be fine"

I understand that he might be trying to take the pressure off the players, but is this what we really want to hear going into 2 key home games?
Joe Thompson - good enough?
at 12:09 14 Feb 2018

I will no doubt upset some people with this post, but for all his bravery in beating cancer,
I don't think he warrants a place either in the team or on the bench.

He came on as a sub last night at a crucial point in the game even though Rathbone and McGahey were on the bench.

I don't think he offers anything apart from aimless running.We all know that KH has a soft spot for him but there is no room for sympathy in our current perilous position.
Irrespective of how the game is going I think KH will give him some game time on Sunday

Strikers and KH
at 09:12 20 Nov 2017

Does our manager really understand about strikers? What I mean is instinctive players who are goal poachers. We haven't had one since Scot Hogan and yet a team like Oldham who until Saturday I would have rated below us, fielded two who both feature in the top strikers in Lg 1 - one of them who scores a goal per game.
We had Redshaw ( for some reason) who scored 4 on Saturday but let him go after scoring a hat trick in a friendly. Steve Davies is our best striker and he got 10 minutes game time on Saturday - if fit he should start every game.
We picked up our biggest ever windfall this season from the Hogan sell on but have spent sweet fa - maybe the Board don't trust KH's judgement?
Hill's comments in Ob Just read
at 16:35 11 Apr 2017

Just read KH's comments in today's Ob - he is saying some of his "stars" have played their last game for the club;

1. who do you think he is talking about?
2. Is this just another case of Hill switching the blame? Some of his team selections and substitutions have been bizarre to say the least.I think he must carry a large part of the responsibility for the team underachieving since Jan , and as an ex central defender surely he could have done more about our vulnerability to crosses into the box and our inability to defend after the 85th minute!!
at 19:03 23 Nov 2016

With the form that Davies and NML are in is there a place for Hendo? Certainly when he came on in the last two games he didn't pull up any trees.
Without him in the team we play much quicker and more direct. Camps looks fantastic in centre midfield and is rarely caught in possession. I also cannot see Davies giving up on taking penalties.
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