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What's up at the club
at 14:28 28 Aug 2017

In his post match interview hilly mentioned about things not being right at the club and he even considered getting back in his car and going home , he also mentioned that the club was in dire straights . Can anyone she'd any light on what is going on . The new dj just upped sticks and left on Saturday afternoon , so something is wrong ??
I follow
at 15:10 29 Jul 2017

anyone any idea how we get match comentry on this new i follow
at 20:36 7 Aug 2014

OK people its time to stand up and be counted , all 2000 plus of us , WE HAVE TO BACK HILLY , the only way we can do this is by putting pressure on the council (Brett ) and his co horts , as well as the leader (Farnell) , to allow the fotball club to buy Spotland Stadium . IT REALLY IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT

We have to get the Observer involved too , They can do so so much for us , in articles that the people of Rochdale can read ,

The Stadium Company are in big big debt, and the Football club has offered to write that debt off for them (and therefore the rate paying people of Rochdale) it is they or us(if you like) that is paying for this debt.

we all know that Rochdale AFC are one of only a very small number of clubs in the Football league not to have any debts , that is only because we have a sensible Chairman and Board of Directors , and with Keith Hill as our Manager things can only get better for us

I am not the brightest star in the sky but i will go and speak with Mr Brett , to ask him if he is serious about letting the Football club buy Spotland .

I am posting this thread to guage how much you all want this ,

Oh and one last thing , we have promised the RFL that Hornets will continue to be playing rugby at Spotland , as long as they pay their rent
So everyone wins . Here is how .
Hornets = get to play rugby
RFL = the football club buy their shares back
Rochdale council = the football club agian write off their debt
RAFC = can Develop Spotland to a very high level

The First 5 teams
at 17:34 25 Jul 2013

Ok Ok Ok dont read to much into this. But I have just been on the bbc website (lge 2 football) and interestingly
during our pre - season matches so far
DALE have scored 10 (Ten) goals in 4 games

Pools have scored 2 in 2 games(both draws)
burton have scored 1 in 4 games
cheaterfield scored 5 in 4 games
plymouth scored 2 in 4 games
Oxford U scored 6 in 4 .... but they got battered by local rivals Oxford city 5 - 1

I know i am a sado ,,,,, who gives a toss .
just a bit of fun
season ahead
at 13:03 25 Jul 2013

if you just look through the squad numbers it looks pretty damn good to me
1. Lillis
2.Joe Raff
3. Rhys Bennett ( if fit)
4. Cav (capt)
5. Ashley Eastham
6. Olly Lancashire
7 Peter Vincenti
8 Tutte
9. Our George
10. Reece Gray
11. Scott Hogan

That is quite a good starting 11 just by squad numbers .....
Look a bit harder

we have the likes of
Matty Lund, Matty Done, Bastien Hery, BBM, Rosey, Hendo, And Steve Collis ,

not to mention the youngsters in the squad
Joe Bunny, Scott Tanser, Godwin Abadaki, Jamie Allen, Joel Logan, D'Arcy O'Connor
Jack O'Connell (unknown quantity)

pick a team or two from that lot
Yes this season has got all the signs of being a good one
We have seen them in Pre - Season giving everything they have
just do the same from Sat 3 Aug onwards and league 2 look out ..
The DALE are comming.
tonights match (Celtic)
at 19:53 16 Jul 2013

has anyone got any info on what the current score is , or how we are playing , I couldnt get over there tonight cheers
Cup run
at 18:24 4 Jul 2013

Well we have got to the second round of our first cup run of the new season without kicking a ball , we got a bye in the 1st round of the JPT
at 20:03 27 Jun 2013

Red Cards
at 10:54 14 Oct 2012

an someone explain to me the up to date situation with the dale players red card situation. ie how many more matches does each of our players who have red cards still have to miss and when will they become elligible for selection by JC
thank you
Coley interview
at 15:13 24 Aug 2012

I think I have just seen the best interview from a Rochdale Manager .... Ever...
its on Dale Player now and its Brill. for those who may not have Dale Player there is a summary of it on the OS,
Coley has got so much passion and enthusism for the game, and for Dale.
Come on Rochdale

And with it only costing a fiver to get in for the JPT lets fill the place
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dale player
at 20:00 21 Aug 2012

i cant get any sound on dale player anyone else the same ?
Dawson on for 60 seconds
at 21:56 1 Aug 2012

Craig Dawson has at last been brought on by Pearce.
for the last 60 seconds of stoppage time . and Rochdale got a mention from the commentator . now we are out of the group stages maybe............ just maybe he might get more game time
Austria last day
at 17:22 21 Jul 2012

Has anone heard anthing from Austria as to how the lads are getting on in this afternoons match that Coley has organised for them ?
family fun day
at 15:30 17 Jul 2012

interesting pre season ahead
at 18:42 16 Jul 2012

By my reckoning there are only 5 outfield players left from last season : JK , BBM , Joey T , Grimesy & Tuttey (Potential new Captain)
I know you will tell me if i am wrong,
I am not including Matty Edwards or the youngsters who are just breaking into the first team squad,
So it looks like a very interesting pre season for all us Dale fans to get to know the new Rochdale.
couple of questions
1. Does anybody know when we might see the new squad numbers
2. Has Joey T signed a new contract
3. are we keeping Grimsey (I hope we are, think he will do a great job for us next season)
and finally can someone from the OS please update the team profiles as soon as the squad numbers have been released.
[Post edited 1 Jan 1970 1:00]
Trip to Austria
at 16:30 14 Jul 2012

Ahead of the trip to Austria, I would just like to wish JC and the sunshine band (Dale) a very good trip, some good team bonding and plenty of fitness training. Also can we have lots of info again please from our CEO.
Pre Season Games
at 09:59 28 Jun 2012


as posted on the OS
Next seasons prices
at 16:16 25 Jun 2012

Just read on the OS about next seasons prices. I notice there is no mention about the PTL (Passport to Lesiure) card. I have just spent good money on renewing my card for another year, I hope I can still use it for the new season otherwise I'm afraid I will just be another one who can't afford the full prices.
any one any ideas, ?
pre season
at 14:52 9 Jun 2012

See if i got these right.
Wed 11 Jul away to Radcliffe
Wed 25 Jul Home to b/burn K/o 7:30
Sat 4 Aug Away to Southport
Tue 7 Aug home to Burnley k/o 7:30
the Hull game I know nothing about ,
please feel free to fill in the k/o times for the other matches
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